Arzignano, Pasubio donate 300,000 euros for needy people

Arzignano, Pasubio donate 300,000 euros for needy people

They have allocated a fund to help and support needy people. Pasubio tannery have donated 300,000 euros to the Municipality of Arzignano, where the tannery is headquartered. A gesture of solidarity in favour of their fellow citizens, deeply hit by Covid-19 outbreak.

Pasubio tannery donate 300,000 euros

The leather-tanning company, based in the province of Vicenza, gave their charitable contribution by making a money transfer on the open account of the municipality council. “Pasubio tannery have made a 300,000 euro donation – commented Alessia Bevilacqua, mayor of Arzignano –. The business has been always playing an active role in the social and economic life of our town. Hence, they focused their attention on the Municipality of Arzignano, which is in touch, on a daily basis, with our citizens, while implementing social policies supporting the poorest brackets of the population. Besides that, we often rely on limited resources. Undoubtedly, such generous donation will have an outstandingly beneficial impact on the overall area: just for the records, I would like to stress the fact that shopping vouchers, allocated by the Government in favour of our Municipality, amount to 135,000 euros”.

The recipients of the donation

As illustrated by the mayor, they will make use of that fund to help a number of families, residing in Arzignano, who have been compelled to cut down their grocery shopping. On top of that, they will also provide students, who are up to home schooling, with suitable tools; moreover, they will be able to stand by the elderly facing a difficult situation, alongside people who have lost their job and, perhaps, are not entitled to benefit from any income support.

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