Asia saves French leather, while Spain’s pleads to the government

Asia saves French leather, while Spain’s pleads to the government

Asia saves French leather. Spain’s segment pleads to the government. The tanning industry of France showed a decrease in export value of 9% during 2020, while imports decreased by 15%. The one positive aspect in what turned out to be an okay performance, considering Covid-19, is the increase in sales towards China. In Spain, meanwhile, tanneries have asked the government to be places among the segments that will be able to access the insolvency funds.

Asia saves French leather

As proven by CNC’s data (Conseil National du Cuir), foreign revenue for French leather in 2020 was about 11.9 billion euro (-9%). Imports, meanwhile, dropped 15%, to 9.7 billion euro. This means that the trade balance remains positive, mainly thanks to purchases made by Chinese customers. Specifically, the People’s Republic has imported 74% more leather from France, from the start of the pandemic until now. At the same time, Chinese exports to France lost 19% compared to 2019. Italy remains one of the most important clients for France, weighing circa 12% of the leather exports. That being said, this amount got 19% smaller during 2020, causing an overall loss of 35% raw materials’ value and 45% of the finished one (after the earlier 21% decrease in 2019).

Spain’s plead

Overall turnover for the Spanish leather segment lost between 30% and 35% during the year 2020. That’s why Acexpiel asked the government for help. Specifically, the national tanning association, writes Lederpiel, asked that the segment be included in the 11 billion euro stimulus package that will help insolvent businesses, which was the outcome of the “Decreto-Ley 5/2021”.

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