Covid’s impact on the 2020 results of the tanning segments in Spain and France

Covid’s impact on the 2020 results of the tanning segments in Spain and France

2020 wasn’t a good year for tanneries in Spain and France: (almost) all indicators of imports and exports were negative. And it couldn’t be otherwise: Covid-19 had a negative impact on both countries (just as it did in Italy). When looking at the data, it is challenging to find the plus sign anywhere: one of the few has to do with the French exports of reptile hides, up 3% on yearly base.

Covid’s impact

Spanish export of finished leather lost 20% in value, to 293 million euro. At the same time, reported Leder Piel, import value decreased by 40%: specifically, those from Italy were 43.9% lower than the previous year. Data from customs shows a similar downturn for raw hides and semi-finished leather. “Exports of raw hides decreased by 25.5% – reads the news -. Semi-finished ones by 14-6%”.

France’s partial results

The balance sheet for France is still to be closed. Data elaborated by Conseil National du Cuir only show the first 11 months of the year 2020. The picture it takes, beside from exotic leather, is grim. Overall, export value of finished leather has lost 39%: imports are down by 30%. The performance of raw hides to be tanned isn’t much better:  -29% for exports and -23% for imports. With regards to finished products, the data shows that foreign revenue for the footwear segment is down by 12% and the leather goods one by 10%. Lovemakers lost 9%, but sporting gloves increased overall revenue by 47%.

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