Mexico, tanneries implore government to maintain current duties on imported shoes

The duties’ revision on imported footwear scares Mexican tanners. The Central American government is evaluating the impact of removing or reducing the additional taxes on some products during this period. Among the said products are shoes, which would automatically open the doors to much more merchandise coming, specifically, from Asia. The situation concerns the characters of the tanning industry, populated by international groups controlling companies along the chain that are active in the automotive and airplane industries, as well as smaller manufacturers that are voicing their worries.

Tanneries at risk

“A large percentage of small and medium businesses operating in the footwear industry depends on those tariffs, and if they were to be lifted or reduced, the purchases of foreign goods will increase, and we would start seeing nationals sales dropping, with repercussions on the job front”, explained – as reported by – the president of the tanning chamber of commerce (CICUR) José Ernesto Vega Guillot. “If footwear businesses go in crisis, there will also be repercussions for us, as we will start having problems with payments and thus liquidity – he adds -. We are on the same boat, and we risk sinking”.



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