Audeladucuir incubator presents leather beyond leather

La pelle oltre la pelle secondo l’incubatore Audeladucuir

ADC is its acronym. It stands for Audeladucuir. That is, leather beyond leather. We are talking about a French incubator for the leather industry companies. We speak it out, for the umpteenth time: it is absolutely worth investing in research for new solutions, while aiming, at the same time, at innovative accessories.


ADC foundation dates back to 2009, when CNC (Conseil National du Cuir) and FFC (Fédération Française de la Chaussure) first designed it. The name given, until 2012, was Cuir & Création by CTC. The aim was “to enable creative designers to fulfil their ideas and turn them into something real. In addition, to foster their research for advice, materials, partners and financial support”, pointed out, online, President Régis Feuillet.

Their selection

ADC have selected, for 2020, 5 projects, after their petitioning to join the association’s network and, subsequently, get a support in the first work years. Namely, Louvreuse, a leather goods brand, and four footwear brands. In sequence: My Choupi Chouz and its shoes with interchangeable heels. OTH and its unisex sneakers with soles made of recycled pneumatic tyres. Umòja and its sneakers made of African fabrics and innovative materials, such as tree barks. Timothée Paris and its high-end men’s shoes made of Italian leather.


Throughout 2020, ADC will provide these brands with assistance during a number of workshops on collections. Furthermore, they will also arrange some personal meetings focused on the business development main topics. In example given: art direction, production, communication, digital strategy, marketing, sales and advertising strategy. On top of that, they will benefit from financial support and will enjoy the use of a showroom in Paris.

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