Bangladesh leather tanning workers demand for infrastructures in Savar: over 7,000 job layoffs after the district relocation

Relocation of Bangladeshi tanneries to the new district of Savar has been considerably affecting the national leather industry. First of all, in terms of overall turnover: in fact, the long-standing process to move tanneries away from the old production site, located in Hazaribagh, entailed a disruption of manufacturing activities. Secondly, it undermined employment as well: according to the trade union of leather tanning workers, 7,000 to 8,000 people lost their job owing to relocation. The Daily Star reported the news, and stressed the fact that the association is now demanding for tangible and fast improvements in the never-ending construction site in Savar. Which ones? As for public infrastructures, a hospital in the cluster; as for facilities supported by private investments, they asked for corporate canteens. On top of that, employees are also concerned about the reform of their job contracts: for months, that has been quite a topical issue for Bangladeshi manufacturing.


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