Barcelona Leather Cluster opens at Igualada, Spain: tanners, suppliers and stakeholders join forces to foster cooperation

The organization is bound to support a synergy between tanneries, business companies, research and training centres, including all stakeholders, actively playing in the area, in order to create a profitable collaboration and carry out common projects and actions. At Igualada, Spain, they have opened the Barcelona Leather Cluster, an association of about 40 enterprises, such as tanneries (for example, Riba Guixà and Fontanellas & Martì), suppliers (Stahl and Vidal Bosch, for instance) and institutions (the waste treatment company along with the Igualada Museum of Leather). Their overall turnover reaches roughly 300 million euros; 1,200 workers are employed there. One of the main aims, announced by President Jordi Vidal, is the expansion of the association’s representativeness.


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