Brazil, Vancouros to invest in hydrolysed collagen and gel from scraps

Brazil, Vancouros to invest in hydrolysed collagen and gel from scraps

They are due to start the building’s construction by next April. In November 2021, the first pavilion of the new plant, designed for gel manufacturing, is going to be running. Only afterwards they will start building the second pavilion, designed for hydrolysed collagen production. Vancouros invest in leather circularity. The Brazilian leather-tanning group, through Gelprime subsidiary, have announced a 300-million-real project (that is, around 45.4 million euros) to set up an industrial hub in the state of Paraná. Here, in these factories, they are going to recycle scraps and waste products, from leather-tanning manufacturing, and turn them into raw material which will be suitably serving the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Vancouros to invest

To begin with, the Brazilian group, which is a manufacturer of bovine wet blue and finished leather, have allocated 186.8 million reals to open a pavilion designed for gel production. When it starts running, its manufacturing capacity will reach 7,000 tons a month. The new industrial site will hire 350 employees overall: they will join 1,400 more workers currently employed at Vancouros. “We want to process leather from slaughterhouses till the very end: in so doing, we will make the whole industry sustainable – commented President Edson Vanzella in a press release –. Leather uses and applications widely range from upholstery for car seats to spare components for lubricants used in oil well drilling. Our strategy aims at moving part of our production in order to supply a rapidly growing market”. The State of Paraná financially supported this investment by providing Gelprime with a special tax treatment.

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