Tanner Krolle, the brand (that got lost), has a new journey

Tanner Krolle, the brand (that got lost), has a new journey

Tanner Krolle has a new journey. British stylist Tabitha Simmons has taken over the historic leather goods’ brand to bring it back to its former glory.

The history

The brand Tanner Krolle was founded in London in 1856 by Frederick Krolle. The brand soon became famous in the equestrian world thanks to its leather saddles. Production then grew to supply car interiors, travelling accessories, leather goods and other accessories. The brand’s most prestigious clients include members of the royal family, Cary Grant and princess Diana. Even with its notoriety, the brand slowly faded away, before being bought in 2020 by One Luxury Group.

Tanner Krolle has a new journey

As reported by media, the company nominated Tabitha Simmons as its new creative director. The British stylist founded its own brand in 2009, which proved a success ever since the start. “Tanner Krolle’s identity is consolidated – she explained to FT.com -. It consists in high-quality craftsmanship and timelessness”. The new course for the brand could move away from seasonality and focus on offering classic and timeless items, a concept that is dear to Simmons. The stylist has already searched for the older models in the company’s archives, such as the “Sportsman” leather bag, to which she hopes to craft a current feel. “Services and restorations are available to all clients, so that each style can live throughout the years to come”, concluded Simmons.

Image from tannerkrolle.com

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