Comparing generations: Tre Effe Group turns 50

Comparing generations: Tre Effe Group turns 50

Half a century of history and an evolution that passes from father to son. Tre Effe Group, an entrepreneurial reality born in 1972 in Santa Croce sull’Arno, has just celebrated its first 50 years. During Lineapelle 99, we met the owners, Vilmaro and Daniele Sestini (in the photo), respectively 68 and 41 years old: two generations discussing the management of the company, convinced of the importance of always being open to change. “You must never feel that you have reached the highest level possible,” says Daniele. “You have to approach every choice as if you had just started working”.

Tre Effe: comparing generations 

What is your history?

Tre Effe Group was founded in 1972 in Santa Croce sull’Arno. In 2005, our family took over the management and it was also an opportunity to renovate the premises. We have always worked towards continuous product improvement. Our strong point is research and innovation in materials. The product we are best known for is suede calfskin.

What are your target markets?

We have two lines. Tre Effe as our flagship line, for a luxury product, and Leather Trading by Tre Effe, designed to suit everyday looks, with lower prices. Our leathers are aimed at the footwear, leather goods and clothing sectors. Both luxury and premium.

How has the company changed in 50 years?

There has been an evolution and a major generational change. We have 15 employees, all very young. We have strengthened our staff and pushed towards digitalisation, to keep up with the changing world. A world that requires all our efforts to reduce our impact and be more conscious in our consumption.

He who does not adapt is lost 

What initiatives have you taken in this direction?

We have certified our tanneries and supply chains, and we have created our sustainable AWARE project: a washable, stain-resistant suede calfskin that guarantees savings in the consumption of water, chemicals and energy. It is “a change by not changing”. The customer gets the product he always had, but with more functionality and more sustainability.

Is there a lesson you have learned after 50 years?

We have learned to adapt and never think we have reached the highest level possible. You must never put a stop to anything. You have to keep evolving according to the needs of the market. Remain humble.

What is it like working together as father and son?

We have developed a different vision of things, modified strategies and choices according to a new approach. And we know that everyone can contribute, everyone has their own role and area of responsibility. We have to know our limits and let everyone play their part, especially the young people.

Do you fear the impact of the situation between Russia and Ukraine?

We have very positive plans on the table, but now there is a big question mark, and who knows if things will be confirmed. We just hope that we have played our cards right over the last few years. Now, the strength of adaptation to the various international contingencies will be seen very clearly, and everyone’s choices will be put to the test.

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