Cotance to present in Brussels, on October 9, Due Diligence for Healthy Workplaces in the Tanning Industry

The meeting is scheduled in Brussels, on October 9. Cotance, the European confederation of leather tanning associations, is going to make public the outcomes of Due Diligence for Healthy Workplaces in the Tanning Industry. They carried out the project from November 2017 till January 2018, in cooperation with IndustriaALL-Europe, while complying with the European Community Social Communication. The aim of such survey is to investigate into health and safety conditions in tanneries as well as in the leather industry corporate workplaces. During the meeting, scheduled across two panels, they will also present, before the public, the latest updates about OIRA online tools, which are employed to assess potential risks in the industry. Entrepreneurs, coming from the leather business, and stakeholders, from the tanning industry, are expected to take part in the event. As for speakers, some university professors (Richard Hazenberg, from University of Northampton), experts (Mike Redwood, from Leather Naturally) and representatives of UNIC – Italian Tanneries, among others, are due to give a speech.


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