PETA attacks Etsy and Nordstrom as they resist (for now)

PETA si scatena su Etsy e Nordstrom, che (per ora) resistono

PETA is attacking Etsy and Nordstrom. With the proximity of Christmas festivities approaching, the exponents of the movement focus their protest-efforts against the two retailers. The goal: forcing them to become fur-free.

Nordstrom listens to its clients

A group of PETA supporters began protesting in front of one of the Nordstrom’s shops in New York on Thursday, December 5th. The activists decided to dress themselves up as bleeding animals. PETA accuses the American chain of selling products made with fur that comes from animals that aren’t raised and slaughtered ethically. The focus was placed on the Russian suppliers of the brand Canada Goose. “We have paid careful attention to this topic, specifically after reading the statements made by the various local brands and governments – answers Nordstrom in a note published by the Seattle Times -. We believe our clients have a different opinion on the matter. Our efforts focus on our clients and listening to them and change according to their needs has always been a priority. We balance these concerns with the fact that many of our clients are asking us for animal-fur products”.

Pressure on E-Commerce

Esty is also being pressured. Yet, as it doesn’t have any physical stores, all complaints are made online. “Etsy already has a strict policy with regards to products of animal origin, as it bans any good made with animals at risk of extinctions – writes PETA -. Doing the same with fur would be easy to do”. But, Etsy stays its course.

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