Covid-19: Rino Mastrotto Group donate 500,000 euros to Veneto Region

Covid-19: Rino Mastrotto Group dona 500.000 euro a Regione Veneto

Commitment and solidarity. Companies stand up against Covid-19 outbreak through charitable activities and donations. The same goes for Italian leather industry. In fact, in the region of Veneto, Rino Mastrotto Group, a leather-tanning group, decided to provide a tangible contribution to support the struggle against the virus. Their donation amounts to 500,000 euros.

The donation

As we said, Rino Mastrotto Group supplied a charitable contribution by donating half million euros, aiming to support, as pointed out by Veneto Region, “the health system, which is heavily committed to facing Covid-19 outbreak”. As reported by local press, President Luca Zaia emphasized the paramount importance of following “the example of some companies such as RMG”. Yesterday, during the daily press conference on the emergency, held at Civil Protection headquarters, in Marghera, he publicly thanked “everyone for donations. We have now reached over 13 million euros. I also want to thank Rino Mastrotto Group, a leather-tanning group based in Arzignano. They are a big company. They called me too. He told me: Luca, we want to be there. The health system is helping us a great deal; many people are suffering and cannot afford expenses. We just want to be helpful. We have received 500,000 euros more”.

The group

Just for the records, last year, in August, Rino Mastrotto Group played a prominent role in a remarkable financial deal. In fact, they signed a partnership agreement with the NB Renaissance fund, which is about to join 70% of the group’s capital assets.

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