Dani Academy: between Naba and IUAV, under the sign of green leather

Dani Academy: between Naba and IUAV, under the sign of green leather

It is called Dani Academy. It’s the name of the new training project launched by the Venetian tanning group Dani. The objective is to develop an “educational” course on the relationship between design and leather, anchoring everything to the green matrix of its Zero Impact solution. Dani, therefore, set two groups of students up for both the creative and applicative challenge of imagining the near future of leather.

Dani Academy

Gruppo Dani has created an ideas workshop to build a research path on leather design, with special attention to sustainability. Two steps of this path will take place in Milan and Venice, through two workshops aimed at developing a collection.

First will involve NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti) and will focus ITS attention on Dani Zero Impact, a technological platform that allows the creation of collections free from heavy metals and with reduced consumption.

Second, which will start in September, will involve the IUAV University of Venice, and will focus on the creative recycling of processing waste.

Results of the workshops in Milan will be exhibited at Spazio Lineapelle (Milan). The Venetian ones will be exhibited at the Institut Français de la Mode in Paris.

The comment

“Research & Development have always been a fundamental part of our work – comments Giancarlo Dani, who leads the tanning group from Vicenza -. I strongly believe in the fundamental role that young people have in imagining the unknown, pushing the boundaries of what is yet to be discovered. Our Academy also wants to be a bridge, being able to bring schools closer to the world of work in a direct and concrete way. I do not deny that there is also great interest in evaluating future collaborations with those young people who will prove to be in great harmony with the Dani world”.

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