Remote learning: UNIC and Lineapelle return to California

Remote learning: UNIC and Lineapelle return to California

UNIC – Italian Tanneries and Lineapelle return to California. They do it digitally, proposing a remote learning path that started yesterday, Wednesday June 17, 2020 (at 5pm Italian time), and involves the students of the Los Angeles Art Center. It all starts with a deep study on the global leadership of Italian leather.

Remote learning

The Californian remote learning path resumes the thread of that carried out last February, aimed at offering tools for the knowledge of Italian leather. And to deepen the themes of UNIC – Italian Tanneries worldwide campaign entitled Real Leather is Real Sustainability. Now the goal is to develop an “awareness and knowledge” project to promote the excellence of the Italian leather supply chain. In other words, “To let the designers of the Art Center know the Italian supply chain and give them the tools to get to know leather, its characteristics and to know how to communicate with Italian companies”.

Starting yesterday

The first remote learning module, as mentioned, began yesterday. Online, participants will be able to find out how and why the Italian tanning industry is the world leader in product quality, management of industrial dynamics, and green approach. In the weekly lessons, the path will be enriched with new lessons. The deepening of the intrinsic characteristics of the “leather material” and its circular and sustainable dimension will be finalised.

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