“Defending leather”: Volga Tannery intervenes on Russia’s media

Defending leather: Volga Tannery intervenes on Russia’s media

One simply cannot stand by while, in Russia, competitors and adversaries defame the leather segment. One must be active and defending leather. That’s what was done by Volga Tannery on the September issue of Russian magazine Shoes. As explained by the tannery, the article has two main points. The first: showcasing the circular nature and quality of leather products. The second: “debunking the many myths created by competing segments”.

Defending leather

Volga Tannery points out how the segment is encircled by the gravitating “activism of companies for animal welfare, those of vegans and that of manufacturers of synthetic substitutes”, as they all together “try to discredit leather’s quality and naturality”. It’s a scenario that tanneries in Europe and North America know very well. Volga Tannery believes that enough is enough: “the segment needs to take initiative and defend itself from further humiliation”.

General context

The matter becomes even more important when the general context is complicated. We find ourselves “in the middle of a period that is already very difficult for the leather segment – commented a spokesperson from Volga Tannery -, a period during which production is lower, if not stagnant, due to the spreading of Covid-19”. That’s why it’s important that the public know the truth on the material: “it’s versatile and sustainable”. Volga Tannery, which has been working with the WWF on green rojects, has begun the war against fake news in Russia.

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