Expopele 2019 is coming up: in Alcanena (11-12 April) to discuss authenticity, certification and the future of leather

The appointment with Expopele 2019, the event organised on April 11th and 12th by APIC (the Portuguese tanning association) at the Museu du Curtume in Alcanena, is approaching. During the two days in the Lusitanian capital of leather, the international players in the supply chain will be able to compare issues such as identity, styles and certification tools in the sector. The program of the first day, for example, moderated by Gustavo Gonzalez-Quijano (general secretary of Cotance, the European federation of tanning associations), provides for a comparison on the authenticity of leather, while Primiano De Rosa Giglio (UNIC – Italian Tanneries) and Maria José Ferreira (CTCP) will discuss the environmental footprint of leather and leather products. On the second day, among other things, Sabrina Frontini (ICEC – Leather Area Certification Institute) will discuss with Gonçalo Santos (APIC) and Deborah Taylor (LWG) about certifications in the leather area. Expopele is this and much more. To learn about the complete program, click here.


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