From Austria to Mexico: Wollsdorf Leder invests 40 million euros in a new tannery in Leòn

The new plant represents “a culminating operation that will by no means reduce Austrian manufacturing”- said Andreas Kindermann, CEO of Austrian tannery Wollsdorf Leder. As reported by website, they have planned to invest 40 million euros to build a new factory, located in Leòn, Mexico, as they deem it a strategic requirement. By doing so, “we aim to support our development”, that would be otherwise unfeasible in our home country, since “in Austria we have reached our maximum productivity. That’s why we have searched for a new location, and we pinpointed it in Mexico, where tanning tradition is well-established and know-how is solid”. The investment is going to be progressive, and the new tannery will take on, at full speed, up to 150 employees. Wollsdorf Leder’s expansion is endorsed by figures. In the last financial year their turnover amounted to 166 million euros, thus increasing by 3,7 per cent compared to the previous one.


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