General Meeting UNIC 2019, it’s time to answer those that “wage war against leather”

A communication campaign to restore truth around leather and the tanning industry: a media response to those that denigrate the material in an instrumental manner. This was what was announced by Gianni Russo during the annual meeting of UNIC – Italian Tanneries. “We have already entrusted the crafting of the campaign to an important agency that operates internationally, so that it may define an advertisement strategy capable of combatting the rampant misjudgments”.

Identity crisis

The tanning segment is currently in a delicate period that is not precisely a market crisis, but rather an “identity crisis”, explained Mr. Russo during its speech. An identity crisis that involves final consumers, on one side disoriented by those “waging war against leather via false statements and misleading campaigns based on errant facts, that are frankly quite ridiculous”. An identity crisis that is (also) hitting operators, overwhelmed with the “heavy introduction of alternative materials and requests that change the very nature of our products”.

No Surrender

The Italian tanning segment has no intention of surrendering, ensures Mr. Russo: “Those that think we have given up and accepted a perspective of decline, like simple spectators, would be wrong”. That’s the reason why leather’s everyday life will be the focus of the fourth World Leather Congress, which will take place in New York in July. The congress is organized by a few entities among which are UNIC – Italian Tanners and the International Council of Tanners.

Sartorial tanning

Not just “mediatic” enemies. Italian tanners are also dealing with a transforming marketplace, where clients’ requests are becoming more and more peculiar: “Our sector has become sartorial – explains Russo -. We have become the most customized among the fashion chain”. An effort that means great sacrifices, “because it is an approach to work that impacts our productive models and has repercussions on our costs”.

UNIC’s merits

International promotional activities with roadshows in the main fashion capitals of the world (Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai, London, Madrid, New York, and others). Training programs that “involve multiple generations – states Mr. Russo -, from children at school via the Amici per la Pelle program, to business managers”. Tradeshow activities, along with legal ones “against the unjust and improper use of the term leather”. UNIC – Italian Tanners’ president can use the assembly as a platform to mention the association’s merits, which are those of a reality “that works”.

Photo by La Conceria


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