Gruppo Mastrotto’s “Systemic approach to sustainability”

Gruppo Mastrotto’s “Systemic approach to sustainability”

Reduced its carbon footprint by 51% and waste production by 23%. These are the two key datapoints present on the 2nd Sustainability Report posted by Gruppo Mastrotto. “The progressive reduction of our social, economic and environmental impact must be the leading concept for our choices, so that we may guarantee the presence of a better world to future generations”, commented the group’s president Chiara Mastrotto.

Environmental aspect

From an environmental standpoint, Gruppo Mastrotto’s second Sustainability Report highlights the 51% reduction in CO2 emissions and a 23% decrease in waste production volume. But it also discusses the reached objective of powering all its operations from energy originating from 100% certified renewable sources. The traceability score is currently 85/100, and is “one of the highest in the segment. The bug news – reads a press release -, is without a doubt the achievement of the carbon neutrality objectives set for scopes 1 and 2 of the forty collections and 1,500 colors of the leather of Mastrotto Express, our ready-for-delivery service”.

Italian chain

From an economic standpoint, the document points out how, during the 3-year-period 2019-2021, the average value of purchases is made by Italian in over 50% of cases. While discussing the social aspect, the company has distributed over 60% of profits to employees and collaborators, and has initiated an internal survey to understand what services can be the most useful for employees with the goal of strengthening its welfare initiative.

Systemic approach to sustainability

“We still have a lot to do in terms of sustainability – adds Chiara Mastrotto – and the international context forces us to be prudent, but it also forces us to continue increasing our sustainability efforts to make them more socially, economically, and environmentally focused. What emerges is a systemic approach to sustainability, a key development factor what will last a long time inside our company”.

In photo, the recent initiative by Gruppo Mastrotto to provide scholarships to its employees’ children

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