Happy Birthday Montebello: Vicenza tannery gets fifty. Looking forward to 2067

How about the future? It starts now, as it leans on a sturdy past. In a nutshell, Montebello, the Italian tannery based near Vicenza, celebrates fifty years of work, as they present at Lineapelle93 a memorial collection with a meaningful name: 2067, picturing their business in the next 50 years. Gianfranco Dalle Mese, son of the founder, Giuseppe, who joined the company in 1990 along with his brother-in-law, Filippo Brancati, points that out: “When I think about our tannery future prospects, I wonder what’s going to happen in 1 year, in 10 years or even in 50 years. Technology will speed up, yet will craftsmanship be skillful as well?”. The entrepreneur from Vicenza is hopeful and confident: “We are talking about prospective times ruled by robots that will take over our job, thus preventing human error. I hope it’s not going to be like that though: through errors we long for improvement. Mistakes drive us to amazing accomplishments. Therefore quality of mind, given by people experience, will be our great asset.The expertise of people that liaise with me represents the paramount value for our future”. 220 employees, over 300,000 square metres of monthly manufacturing, a sustainable solid background are the brilliant visiting card of this tannery: today they get 50 years old and they also celebrate “their third generation joining the company”. Pictured from left: Nadia, Viola and Gianfranco Dalle Mese; Filippo, Massimo and Marika Brancati.


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