Support to the young people: IULTCS announces the winners of IUR 2021

Support to the young people: IULTCS announces the winners of IUR 2021

IULTCS announces the winners of IUR 2021. The executive committee of the International Union of Leather Technologists and Chemists Societies has announced the names of the two under 35  researchers who were awarded the cash prize announced by the International Union of Research Commission. The funds will be used to support their projects in the leather sector.

IULTCS announces the winners

Young Leather Scientist Grant 2021 Basic Research

The commission chaired by Professor Michael Meyer, IUR president, awarded Hon Wei Ng (pictured, left) the Young Leather Scientist Grant 2021 Basic Research award. To him, research assistant of the New Zealand Leather and Shoe Research Association (LASRA), also goes the 1,500 euros up for grabs. His project “Study on Molecular Level Collagen Structure Changes of Enzymatic Depilation Using X-Ray Scattering” investigates the use of new tools for hair removal from raw hides using enzymes. Hence, the project evaluates the effects of x-rays on that process.

Professor Mike Redwood Young Leather Scientist Grant 2021 Sustainability/Environmental Award

Instead, it is Caroline Borges Agustini (in the photo, right) from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) who wins the second prize, with the related 1,000 euros allocated by Leather Naturally. Her project “Hydrocarbon Release During the Biodegradation of Solid Waste from Tanneries for BIOGAS Production” examines the release of hydrocarbons. Not only that: it also analyses the energy and waste treatment efficiency of the anaerobic digestion of solid waste from tanneries. This work can help improve the efficiency of companies and their processes.

The comment

“Both works show technological knowledge at a very high level. They also demonstrate that the competitiveness of research activities in the leather industry is comparable to other industries around the world – comments Meyer -. IULTCS looks forward to the projects’ results and wishes all award recipients success with their contribution to expanding our knowledge of the industry”.

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