In a video the conclusions of Selambq on the Spanish entrefino

In a video the conclusions of Selambq on the Spanish entrefino

Selambq, the Spanish entrefino study project conducted by tanneries from Spain, Italy and France, has reached its first conclusions. With a holistic approach that involved the entire Iberian chain, including breeders (Interovic) and slaughterhouses (Anafric), Selambq investigated with a scientific and data driven method the issues concerning the quality of hides and leathers, and their intrinsic value. The research, coordinated by José Maria Gonzalez-Sainz, associate professor at the University of Zaragoza, has looked at everything from the density of the stables to the isolation of the land and feeding, identifying critical issues and solutions. The project is a collaboration between Cotance, Acexpiel (Spain), UNIC – Italian Tanneries and FFTM (France). The results of the work are collected in a video.



The Spanish entrefino project

Selambq project started at the end of 2017. As is well known, there was the Coronavirus, which forced the promoters to abandon part of the research objectives they had set. But even during the health emergency, the project remained active, because ‘high-quality entrefino lamb leather,’ claim the organisers, ‘were among the few that recorded sustained demand during the pandemic-induced crisis’. Participating in Selambq were tanneries Riba-Guixa, Inpelsa, Colomer and Bosch Girona from Spain. Russo di Casandrino from Italy and, last but not least, Mégisserie Richard, Bodin-Joyeux and Alric from France.

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