Jardini + Cerioni + Marvely = JCM, co-lab for Cuoio di Toscana

Jardini + Cerioni + Marvely = JCM, co-lab for Cuoio di Toscana

Three creative minds for an exceptional collaboration. Cuoio di Toscana launched JCM, sustainable collection born from the meeting between stylist Nick Cerioni (in photo), Rossella Jardini and singer Marvely. The artistic universes (image, fashion and music) joined forces to craft a collection of accessories for the 2022 summer season presented at the latest Milano Fashion Week.

Co-lab for Cuoio di Toscana

The project combines “the green focus with contemporary languages, tied by the concepts of liberty, inclusivity, functionality and cross-creativity”, reads a note. The artists, beside from creating exclusive accessories, are also the main characters of the related advertising campaign, in which they wear their creation, as you can see here.

Jardini + Cerioni + Marvely

Rossella Jardini, ex creative soul of Moschino and founder of the brand by the same name, crafted two handbags. One is decorated with hearts, the other with jewelry-like motifs. Then: different types of shoes, among which are also sandals and moccasins. Marvely (musician, dancer, dj and producer) created cowboy boots in black leather with hand-made nuances and star-shaped embroideries, as well as a backpack and briefcase. Last but not least, Nick Cerioni (stylist that created looks for Jovanotti, Maneskin and Achille Lauro), designed 2 small unisex handbags for daily use and a decorated moccasin pair.

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