Together for leather: China and Belarus sign an agreement

Together for leather: China and Belarus sign an agreement

China and Belarus have signed a cooperation agreement relating to the leather industry. The goal is to increase commercial activities and trade between the two countries. The signature took place during the ACLE tradeshow in Shanghai, which hosted Li Yuzhong, president of China’s Light Industry Federation and  CLIA (China Leather Industry Association), and Tatiana Lugina, president of state-owned company Bellegprom.

China and Belarus sign an agreement

In the last few years relations between Belarus and China’s leather industries have tightened. During the meeting in Shanghai, evidence emerged of the fruitful collaboration between the two countries, which has been ongoing for over 30 years. In this instance came the next step: the signing of an agreement between CLIA and Bellegprom. The latter is a state-owned company which manufactures textiles, leather goods, shoes, furs and porcelain. It’s made of 73 different legal entities and employs a total of 60,000 people.

Exchanging leather products

As reported by International Leather Maker, CLIA’s president pointed out how the leather products imported from Belarus are mainly semi-finished leather and furs. Vice versa, Chinese exports are mostly made of handbags and shoes. Tatiana Lugina highlighted how her country exports over 4 million USD worth of products to China every year. The agreement has the goal of promoting bilateral cooperation in the leather segment and facilitate business between China and Belarus. At the same time, it wants to support the growth and development of commerce, by incrementing the number of active companies and increase exchanges between the two countries.

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