JBS Couros invest (and boosts) in Vietnam to increase by 50% their manufacturing for US and Asian upholstery

Such is the plan: to double their manufacturing plants aiming to augment by 50% their production volumes. JBS Couros, the leather tanning division of the Brazilian meat giant, are planning to enhance their factories based in Vietnam. As reported by Furniture Today, the main aim of the group is to increase their supplying capacity for the US and Asian upholstery markets. Starting from 2019, volumes, which currently amount to 5 million square feet, are expected to go up to 7,5 million square feet. “We focused our efforts on expanding our facilities along with our technological park – commented in his release Ildemar Marchi, chief executive officer of JBS Couros Asia, while talking about a 5-million-dollar investment in the Vietnamese tannery –. We are now planning to carry out a new production change, which is due to enable us to boost more and more our output”. Since 2014, when the group inaugurated their activities in Vietnam, to the present day, JBS Couros have already increased their manufacturing capacity by 200%.


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