E-Leather to invest £70 million in a new plant while expanding its business (mind the term though)

A £70 million investment (slightly less than 79 million euros) to build up a new manufacturing site and meet, starting from 2019, supposedly growing demand for raw material. E-Leather, a British company formerly settled as a startup between 2001 and 2007, has been into the market of leather upholstery for car, plane and train interiors for ten years. Now they have just received, from their financial supporters, further capital assets to expand their business. “This is a milestone in the history of E-Leather”, remarks in his release president Chris McBean, while also proudly emphasizing, soon thereafter, “this is one of the most successful performances in the history of hi-tech materials”. E-Leather attended to patent a method to retrieve and recover hides discarded by companies and tanneries, otherwise bound to disposal, and subsequently turn them in upholstery, considerably resistant to abrasion. The company has recently signed a deal with Nike, as reported on the corporate website, to develop the Fly-Leather product, an updated version of the leather fibre board, soon contested by international tanning associations though, because of its trade brand. Recycle and reutilization are important indeed; leather is another story though.



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