What a brilliant idea! Levi’s turns Einstein’s leather jacket in a capsule collection

Albert Einstein wore Levi’s. The US firm is going to launch again on the market, starting from next Monday, the leather jacket model bought and worn, for decades, by the German physicist. When Einstein arrived in the States, he bought a brown leather unlined jacket made by Levi’s. He loved so much the garment that he mentioned it in one of his letters sent to a colleague at Princeton University. In 2016, the jacket was sold at auction, still filled with the fragrance of the pipe tobacco the physicist used to smoke while chilling out. On Monday, Levi’s will launch on the market a limited edition of the same model, 500 items in total, for sale together with “D.S. & Durga” perfume, which contains pipe tobacco, along with vintage paper and leather, essences.


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