Lineapelle and UNIC in Stockholm: StoryTechTelling hits the target

First Shanghai, on Thursday 30 May. Then Madrid, on Thursday 6 June. Finally, yesterday, a journey off to Sweden, which proved to be meaningful for a number of various reasons. At the Embassy of Italy in Stockholm, Lineapelle and UNICItalian Tanneries (supported by ITA – Italian Trade Agency) held the third and last meeting of the StoryTechTelling roadshow, “a new way to tell and share leather and fashion materials top quality”. The project hit the target indeed: to arouse curiosity in the audience, most interested, in particular, in green topics. In fact, the event engaged a selected group of footwear, leather goods and jewellery designers and professionals, as well as a few important local retailers. Such stakeholders, most of all, had never “experienced” Lineapelle before, and did not deeply know the innovative and sustainable value of its product supply. During the meeting, they could actually enjoy a fully detailed presentation of Italian leather excellent quality, along with the “innovative, evolutionary, circular and smart energy driven by several solutions, which match traditional artisan expertise with top-notch technology”.

Pictures from Lineapelle


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