Masoni: one book containing 20 years of the company’s history with full transparency

Masoni: one book containing 20 years of the company’s history with full transparency

Everything is inside the book about which we are going to write here. It couldn’t be otherwise, given the title: Business trasparency. Masoni Industria Conciaria in Santa Croce sull’Arno published it not just as an example of industrial storytelling, but also as a way to celebrate its first 20 years of activity and to tell the tale of “what gives us life and our guiding principles”, explains the founder Fabrizio Masoni (in photo in top-right corner).

The company’s history with full transparency

Everything is inside the book, as we said. The entire evolutionary path followed by the Tuscan tannery is told with no filters, divided per chapters. A path that, from 2001 to today, has had one common denominator: a 360-degrees sustainable approach. It goes from the story of how Masoni manages employee welfare to create “an inclusive emotional environment”, to the monitoring process of revenue, which went from 11 million euro of 2002 to 42.7 in 2019, year during which the Tuscan tannery welcomed the acquisition of French LVMH.

Revenue level that was unavoidably impacted during 2020, going to just below the 27-million mark due to Covid19. Not enough though, to impact Masoni’s “transparencymission. And so, page after page, the names of all chemicals and raw materials’ suppliers are mentioned, as they are “all entities that have strict traceability standards”. Certifications that are all listed: from the 6 obtained from ICEC (Leather Traceability Certifications), to LWG’s Silver Rated, and those that certify renewable energy utilized. Then: projects to add-value to the territory and requalify urban spaces. And last but not least: social responsibility, safety and the implementation of 4.0 industry solutions within the manufacturing process.

Past, present, and (most of all) future

“We think we have always been proactive and with no fronts – comments Fabrizio Masoni -, and with our book we want to give an image of ourselves as “clean”. So, “we decided to tell the story of all our investments, because a company today must show how it uses all the tools available to be a modern and reference entity in the market”. The tale told inside “Business transparency” wants to be more than a celebration of 20 successful years. “We are already working on a second book, which we want to publish in January of 2022. It will discuss our trip through the years that will bring us to 2030, with all the objectives that we aim to achieve before then. We believe that reference year to be credible, and achievable by doing things properly every day”. The future, thus, translated into the company’s entrance to a 2nd generation.

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