Milano XL, leather is a star: one Cube is dedicated to sustainability, leathertelling and the voice of young tanners

A mirror Cube that turns from one side into a beehive and the other into a screen. In the first case the “cells” form a texture to a wall covered with a patchwork of leathers from which emerges (always following the geometry of the hive) a selected review of very high quality leathers, which can be touched and observed very closely (using large magnifying glasses). In the second, the screen projects a video in which some young tanners tell the sustainable mission of Italian leather and demonstrate how sustainability is an integral part of its production and industrial tradition. We are in Milan, where on … the inauguration of the second edition of Milano XL took place, the event that widens the sense of fashion shows (scheduled from the 18th to the 24th), spreads to the city, brings the game as subtitle of words “Show-Demonstrate” and points to (explain the organizers) “return as much people as possible an idea, an image, a map of the Sistema Moda of our country”. It does this through the installation of six maxiCubes, one of which is a real example of leathertelling. It is set up at the Villa Reale in Milan, and tells the indentity of excellence of Italian leather defended and promoted by UNIC – Concerie Italiane and Lineapelle. It does so, as mentioned, giving voice to the quality of the material and six representatives of the new Italian generation of leather: Tommaso Bertelli (Centrorettili), Marta Lupi (BCN Concerie), Luca Balsemin (Conceria Nice), Lanfranco Arena (Conceria Prodital Leathers), Rocco Finco (Conceria Adelaide) e Maria Giulia Gennaro (Conceria Gaiera Giovanni). The leather cube (and those that tell the excellence of the made in Italy about textile and clothing, footwear, leather goods, eyewear, cosmetics and goldsmiths) will remain open until Monday, September 24th.


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