Mourning at Castano Primo for the premature loss of Gianmario Ramponi (Conceria Stefania)

The tanning industry in Lombardy and indeed all of Italy is steeped in mourning. On Wednesday 24 August, Gianmario Ramponi passed away before his time, following a short illness. Gianmario, 58 years old, was the owner of Conceria Stefania (Castano Primo) along with his brothers Angelo and Dino. The company has always been an excellent player in the Italian tannery sector, and Gianmario and his brothers had joined it as the second generation. Indeed, Stefania had been incorporated in 1944 by their father Francesco, who had ensured that the company worked with a close focus on tradition, fine workmanship, innovation and technology, from its very first day of business. Now, Stefania already hosts the third generation of the family: Andrea and Francesco (the sons of Angelo Ramponi), Carlo (Dino’s son) and Camilla (Gianmario’s daughter). Gianmario did not have precise duties in the company, because, as they explain in Stefania, the three brothers had always arranged for the company to be shared equally by all three, both in terms of its management and also creatively speaking.


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