Nigeria’s leather industry to receive support from the EU and Germany

Aiuti europei per la pelle nigeriana

Nigeria’s leather industry is about to get support and financial aid from Europe. In fact, as reported by a number of local daily newspapers, the European Union, together with the German Society for International Cooperation, will soon start a partnership project with Nigeria’s government. The aim is “to support and develop the industry, as they consider its potential to be most considerable”.

Goals and expectations

According to data provided by local government, in Nigeria every year 40 to 50 million hides and skins undergo the tanning process. Overall revenues amount to 600 to 800 million US dollars. Looking at such figures, Nigerian politicians believe they might be appealing to foreign investors. According to estimates supplied by Nigeria Economic Summit Group (NESG), the industry turnover might reach 1 billion US dollars within 2025. Yet, aiming to achieve such accomplishment, “they will have to overcome a few problems: among others, most of all, structural limitations, alongside a lack of advertising and public support, which proved missing so far”. The cooperation project, set with Brussels and Berlin, aims at addressing these issues actually. Players, engaged in the initiative, will liaise to build up together a strategic plan to foster tanneries and leather companies’ development. They have also scheduled some “extensive training sessions”.


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