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La mission culturale di Lineapelle: scopritela cliccando qui

Lineapelle’s cultural mission is not something new. Yet, such mission turns into reality in a rather peculiar way during the current edition of Milan fair, which kicked off yesterday. Just head to Hall 9 and see what we are talking about. While walking along Aisle A, you will discover a painting, which dates back to the third decade of the 17th century. How can it possibly be on exhibit at Lineapelle?

The painting

The author of the painting is unknown. Its name is “Ritratto di Comandante con Baffi e Moschetta” (picturing a commander with a moustache and a rifle). As one can read on the back of the picture, the painting portrays a soldier of the seventeenth century, appointed as high commander in the army. The portrait provides somehow a tale about the ancient age, with specific regard to changing fashion trends, strictly related to the use of leather. That is why, and not just for that, at Lineapelle you can find an installation to spotlight the painting.

Restoration and manufacturing

At Hall 9, Aisle A, visitors will enjoy the exhibition of the portrait, which has been recently restored. A catalogue, edited by UNIC – Italian Tanneries, in collaboration with De Chiara De Maio Foundation (overseen by art advisor Andrea Apicella) and Naples Filangieri Museum, provides a valuable analysis of the importance of the picture. Next to the painting, they will exhibit a costume, entirely made of leather, which reminds of the breastplate worn by the soldier portrayed in the work. The authors, who manufactured it, are fashion professors Fabrizia Ferrenti and Maria Rosaria Santin, with the collaboration of students attending the Caravaggio High School of Art, based in San Gennaro Vesuviano (Naples), and DMD Solofra tannery. “Leather, which proudly represents made in Italy manufacturing – as remarked in the project presentation – updates a military product, therefore turning real something between craftsmanship and art”. In other words, at Lineapelle history has turned into leather.

Artisan craft and art

“The core identity of the character, portrayed in the painting, right lies in the breastplate he is wearing, which recalls his role. The painting provides specific details, while emphasizing the commander’s story rather than his biography – explained Vincenzo De Luca, professor of History of Art –. He is wearing a suit whose manufacturing lies between artisan craft and art”. Diodato De Maio, president of the foundation, is happy and thrilled. “This is the first work of a long-term project – he announced –. We have many plans: while relying on some support, we aim to carry them out and achieve several rewarding accomplishments”.

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