Northern Europe Tannery: The Surf meat group acquires Rompa Leather / Tanneries

The Dutch Tanner group Rompa Beheer moves to Bellivo, a Luxembourg-based holding company overseeing Sopraco (meat industry). The agreement, announced by the companies, states that the Rompa group’s assets, Rompa Leather (calf and bull for furnishings, leather goods and footwear); and 50% of Rompa Tanneries (wet blue, crust and skins) have to “integrate with Sopraco’s activities”. Sopraco already covers the chain meat production. “For a long time, there was the intention to turn calf skins into a value-added tannery product. Now it is possible.” The management of the Rompa Group, a company founded in 1906 and still family-run, is facing a changing management. The current director of Rompa Leather, Daniel Rompa, remains in his place, while his uncle and his father will leave their jobs.


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