Pasubio: a 5,000 square metre factory building for cutting hides in Serbia: 500 employees hired in 5 years

The Pasubio tanning company continues to grow. The Vicenza company, with headquarters in Arzignano, is opening a factory in Serbia in June, near the city of Sabac. Pasubio has already completed purchase of a factory building of 5,000 square metres where it will initially be employing about a hundred workers. The number of employees should double over the course of the first year. But it appears that the development projects envisage further growth, taking on up to 500 employees in five years. The new factory at Sabac will not be involved in producing hides, but will focus on cutting the hides, mainly to provide seat finishings for luxury cars. In fact, Pasubio has for a long time numbered several of the large car producers among its clients, such as Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Ferrari, BMW and Bentley.


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