Lineapelle goes to London: a project with College of Fashion | UAL

Lineapelle goes to London: a project with College of Fashion | UAL

A new training project for Linapelle. It will involve about 50 students and will have the “goal to promote the excellence of leather, as well as its circular and sustainable nature”. The students come from an internationally renowned institute: the London College of Fashion | UAL.

Project with College of Fashion | UAL

“The project developed by Lineapelle in partnership with the London College of Fashion | UAL – reads an official note -, involves the: (Hons) BA courses BA (Hons) Cordwainers Footwear courses: Product Design and Innovation e BA (Hons) Cordwainers Fashion Bags and Accessories: Product Design and Innovation”.

This training program for students is “focused on their participation in a contest with two specific objectives.

The first: helping them discover the characteristics of the material leather with a 360-degrees view”. Second: encourage them to use leather when developing their creative designs, thus making prototypes that are innovative and sustainable”.

And more. “Specific attention will be given to designs that are able to capture the new needs of final consumers. For example: environmental attention and product ethical; focus on climate change; products able to satisfy the new needs of the marketplace following the pandemic”.

Prototypes and winners

Students will create “a collection inspired by the Winter/Fall stylistic trends for 21/22. Leather for them will be supplied by Lineapelle and will be used in combination with other natural materials”. But careful, “no materials that imitate leather are allowed”. The project “includes a series of preparatory workshops done online by Lineapelle Training”. The prototypes made by students will be evaluated “at the end of the training program (February 2021)”.

Those “chosen, will go onto the next phase: product optimization in terms of materials and manufacturing. The winners will be announced by Summer 2021: one for footwear and one for leather goods”. Of course, there is a prize for winners: “A tour of Italy to visit tanneries and manufacturing businesses”.

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