Rino Mastrotto group, co-generation plant is starting. Russo di Casandrino saves 25%

The new cogeneration plant of Rino Mastrotto Group of Trissino (Vicenza) came into operation last Saturday 30 April (in the picture). This is the first endothermic motor system designed and built by an Italian industrial group with Enel. It will produce electric and thermal energy using natural gas. The power available will be of 1,200 kw, and the estimated annual production will amount to about 6 million kwh. In the opinion of Sguazzi Emanuele, head of large customers solutions and public administration by Enel Energia, “the plant will save the company about 20% on the final bills.” Rino Mastrotto, president of the Vicenza industrial group, said he was satisfied to have seen “a plant built specifically for our company” and because “the numbers provided by Enel are real.” First results, however, for the cogeneration plant installed at the Russo di Casandrino tannery. Estimated 25% cost savings, while the reduction of CO2 emissions is reaching the 22%.


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