Leather at centre stage: UNIC on a mission to Brussels

Leather at centre stage: UNIC on a mission to Brussels

A mission to Brussels for UNIC – Italian Tanneries (a member association of Confindustria Moda) which, flanked by Cotance, met with EPP (European People’s Party) MEP Luisa Regimenti. Objective: to make the EU aware of the structural dynamics, economic contingencies and competitive challenges facing Italian and continental leather. A meeting strongly desired by Regimenti (in the middle of the photo, taken on Wednesday, June 15, in Brussels). The MEP visited the Tuscan tanning district a month ago, and which stemmed from her interest in Italian tanning excellence.

Mission to Brussels for UNIC

Objective: to follow up on the wish expressed on May 10 in Santa Croce sull’Arno by MEP Regimenti. That is: “Support the companies that contribute to the excellence of made in Italy” and implement “concrete actions capable of protecting their activity”. A desire that found further enhancement and trigger today in Brussels, thanks to the visit of a delegation formed (as seen in the photo) by Fabrizio Nuti (UNIC president, second from the left), Piero Rosati (UNIC vice-president, third from the right), Roberto Lupi (UNIC councillor, first from the left), Rino Mastrotto (UNIC vice-president, first from the right) and Manuel Ríos (Cotance president, second from the right).

Leather takes centre stage

The increasingly complex market. Sustainability as a strategic vision and continuous investment worth an average of 4% of turnover. The Italian (and European) tanning sector in all its details. Competitive challenges. The tanning industry took centre stage at today’s meeting, in a way that was intended to be not only informative, but also a stimulus to understand how we can share truly supportive solutions. Because it is not enough to know that we are the best: we need concrete help and accurate consideration by the institutions in order to continue to be so. Today’s visit was a further step in this direction.

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