Shanghai, 3rd World Leather Congress. UNIC sums up the current state of world tannery

The biennial event brings together the world’s leading players on an event to deepen and reflect on the challenges of the industry. To open the third edition of the World Leather Congress (WLC) on August 29 in Shanghai, was the intervention of the UNIC (Italian Tanners’ Association) business office, which, in front of an audience of more than 700 participants, exhibited the global leather care situation. The WLC program, organised by ICT (International Council of Leather) with TILA and CLIA (Taiwanese and Chinese industry associations respectively) and a wider network of partners and sponsors, also involves research centres, associations and producers. Among others, the VF fashion group, e-tailer and the FDRA shoe Association of USA. The topics covered include new consumer trends, the future of tanning and the possibility of developing manufacturing sectors, with a focus on the Chinese supply chain, which is, in turn, the focus of a repositioning process on the market.


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