Tannery, Venetian-Tuscan axis: Dani and Volpi join forces, new company in Ponte a Egola

“An important collaboration, that demostrates that Veneto and Tuscany get along, not only on the production side”. With this words Giancarlo Dani, president of the homonymous Venetian tanning group, has started to explain the reason that took his tannery to make an agreement with Concerie Volpi from Ponte a Egola, creating a new company (Dani e Volpi srl), in which the Arzignano group is the majority shareholder, with 70% of shares. In details: Volpi offers a production plant already active in Ponte a Egola, which says Dani “will undergo a technological upgrading” to make it suitable for the new production profile “which combines the Veneto industrial imprint with Tuscan craft identity and will create a mixed production” from raw developing vegetable, chrome and wet white. “We are very satisfied with this agreement” says Giuseppe Volpi “because it opens up prospects for a new synergy, not only productive”. The Dani e Volpi tannery will come into operation in the second half of 2018. Between 15 and 20 hires are expected.



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