The 40075-Line allows Incas to explain its take on metal free

Con la linea 40075 Incas spiega la sua idea di Slow Leather

A collection of leather types that hugs the world. Incas chose the number 40075 for its new collection: the code isn’t meaningless, rather it’s the circumference of earth, in kilometers. Moreover, it chose a method thanks to which it can demonstrate one of the potential application of its “slow leather” concept idea: “Our line it vegetable-tanned and sustainable, but are not simply saying it based on a self-evaluation – explains Walter Ceccatelli, president and CEO of Incas -. We have certified all phases of our production process, as well as the origin of the raw material we use, from vegetable tannins to the second life of the waste we produce. We let third party certifiers confirm the quality of our process and products”.

Sustainable effort

The 40075-line will be presented in occasion of Lineapelle 98 (Fieramilano Rho, 19th to 21st of February). Incas allowed the public to get an early view of the new line inside Spazio Lineapelle in Palazzo Gorani (in picture). “We posed ourselves the goal of reaching a wider concept of sustainability, while we were developing the product – explains Stefano Giannotti, strategic consultant at Incas -. For example, we only get vegetable tannins from wood with FSC certifications, as they guarantee the proper management of the forest from which the wood is taken. All the electric energy used comes from renewable energy plants. We also have a water treatment plant able to respond to any critical situation that may arise”. And more: “We are also able to trace the majority of the raw materials we use from farm to slaughterhouse. Our quality control system guarantees homogeneous lots – continues Giannotti – and thus less waste to send to the landfill. We reduced water consumption by 53.7% and sodium sulfides by 32.5%”.

The value of certifications

Some of Incas’ results are also due to third-party certifications. “The practice has great value in terms of transparency – comments Sabrina Frontini, ICEC’s director, Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Sector, which has been helping Incas develop the 40075 line -, because it causes the business to allow external certifiers to communicate to clients the results achieved. Incas has always had a proactive attitude, from when it got its first certification in 2000 till 2014, when it became the first tannery to get the “Sustainable Company” award by ICEC”. Moreover, Incas is the only tannery in Italy currently certified 100% made in Italy: the certification guarantees the execution of the entire productive cycle inside the company’s plants.

Incas explains its own take on Slow Leather

The company’s production sites occupy over 22,000 square meters, employing about 200 people that produce circa 1.5 million square meters of leather (calf, baby calf and ox). Incas’ numbers show the tannery is one of the largest in Santa Croce. The business, though, doesn’t plan on stopping here. “Many companies here give ownership away by selling shares, but we are sure this isn’t the right time to sell, rather the time to invest – states Ceccatelli -. We believe in the work we do, our method, and we are sure it will lead us to further growth”. What method? “The Slow Leather one – he states -. We obtained permission, from the region of Tuscany, to build a new 5,500 square-meters site. We will use this space to store leather and conduct the olation process, which is when leather is left to rest for 90 days (in a controlled environment), before being tanned again. The quality of the product goes through the calming period, to then move to the tanning process. It’s our answer to fast fashion: “Our leather – concludes Ceccatelli, is Slow Leather”.

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