The double training of Lineapelle: on May 8 the lesson with the students of NABA, while on the 10th with those of the University of Pittsburgh

An opportunity to understand all the possible uses of leather in fashion and design, to discover the variety of colours and finishes offered by Italian tannery, as well as to fully appreciate the sustainability and circularity of the Italian material. On May 8th, 20 students from the Master in Fashion Buying for clothing and accessories of NABA Institute, thanks to a lecture in the LP Fashion spaces of Lineapelle and UNIC – Italian Tanneries, were able to discover Italian leather in all its richness. 24 students and 2 professors from the University of Pittsburgh also benefited from the same opportunity. The American class, which was in Italy to study the local fashion chain, was thus able to become familiar with made in Italy leather. Well done, clever students, repeat.



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