The history of Gruppo Mastrotto becomes a business novel: Dalla Pelle Al Cuore (From Leather to the Heart) tells 60 years of excellence

“The place is called Alla Convergenza (At the Convergence) because it crosses three streets of Arzignano. One is dedicated to Kennedy, a great innovator, one to the Thousand, great revolutionaries, and one to the Mastrotto, great entrepreneurs. At the center is a roundabout and above the roundabout a cloth hides a slender silhouette more or less three meters high”. The story of “Dalla Pelle Al Cuore (From Leather to the Heart) – Stories of life and business of Gruppo Mastrotto”, goes through June 2017, when the monument to Arciso Mastrotto, the founder of the tanning dynasty, was inaugurated in the heart of the Vicenza district. The novel, published by Rizzoli for the Business Stories series (208 pages) and written by Alessandro Zaltron, retraces the group’s 60 years of activity: “A story that is all human and made of feeling and brain, family and friendship, local relationships and domestic stories, of ancient machinery and analogical ideas”. A parable that summarizes and fully represents the identity, both intimate and industrial, personal and professional, of the Italian leather area. Gruppo Mastrotto has interpreted it with a clear objective, for itself, for the territory and for its social capital: to grow and to do better, an “enlargement process that has involved growing organizational complexities”.


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