The sustainability of Italian tannery. Excellence to tell in a new way. Ready for the 15th UNIC Report

Seven keywords to describe the excellence of Italian tannery – Emotion, Natural, Clean, Safe, Value, Ethical, Innovative – emerging from the 15th edition of the Sustainability Report published by UNIC. The document featured all-new graphic, conceptual and editorial styles, trying to combine the will to accurately and analytically tell the data for industry insiders as well as being equally appealing to the ultimate consumer. The result is a paper-based Italian publication – shortly in French and English – that can be browsed and also downloaded in digital format, promoted through a folding that summarises the seven concepts. This product was born from the need of UNIC to communicate that “the sustainability of Italian tannery is more than a fact. It is the concrete and common denominator of all his productive, commercial, creative business. It is the decisive and dynamic factor that characterises its global primacy.” A winning approach that in 2016 has resulted in sustainable investments exceeding 4% of the total turnover value. Since 2003, Italian tinned has also reduced water consumption by 20% and energy by 32%, bringing its waste recovery rate to 76%, “which is up 84%, considering all production waste”.


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