Leather goods and training: the French from Longchamps explain how they manage the generational change

In an interview with weekly Paris Match, Longchamp’s production manager, David Burgel, outlined the criteria for admission to the 3 professional qualification centers for leather craftsmen, held in partnership with the French government and the employment agency Pôle Emploi . “The only requirements are talent and motivation, there are no age restrictions or school qualifications” said Burgel, who explained that after the first phase of education, which lasts 3 months, students spend 6 more months in the laboratory, after which are hired for a fixed term. The contract becomes indeterminate if the candidate proves autonomous, “even if there were cases for which additional weeks were granted before hiring”. Isabelle Lepy, head of the education program, recalled that among the 600 employees of Longchamp production, a strong generational change is under way (at least 80 new retirements) and that the three training centers have so far ‘graduated’ 150 people, which is sought, together with the technical/craft concepts, to convey the concept of “teamwork”.


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