Two aren’t enough: Bangladesh prepares for new Leather Districts

Due non bastano: in Bangladesh prevedono nuovi Leather District

Not just Savar. Nor Mirsarai. Two districts aren’t enough for Bangladesh, which prepares for additional Leather Districts. Dhaka’s government is, in fact, already thinking of developing a third tanning district. The most well-known of the three, which is in part already active, is that of Savar. It was created as a (not particularly functional) alternative to the Hazaribagh district. The second one we mentioned is discussed somewhat often, even though no specific details regarding the project have been made available. Now, a third is popping up.

What we know

The only thing we know now is that the second leather could have been located in Mirsara, in the Chattogram State. The third, on the other hand, became topic of conversation during the last few days. Some internal sources to Bangladesh Small & Cottage Industries Corporation (BSCIC) – as reported by -, have stated how a cluster of tanneries could settle near the city of Rajshahi, also in the Chattogram State.

Open arms

The portal reports how Mahbubul Alam, local president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, explained that the arrival of tanneries will decidedly help the area develop more. Moreover: new companies can tan a large quantity of the total raw hides produced in the Chattogram state. Meaning: between 30% and 40% of the country’s total raw hides production. Meanwhile, in the Mirsarai area, the government is allegedly ready to assign the industry about 300 acres of land. While in Rajshahi, the district should cover an area of about 100 acres.


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