LFW: Burberry streaming fashion show in the middle of English forests

LFW: Burberry streaming fashion show in the middle of English forests

Burberry walk the catwalk in the middle of English forests. Men’s and Women’s collections, designed by Riccardo Tisci for summer 2021, have inaugurated the London Fashion Week (which kicked off yesterday, 17 September 2020, and will conclude on September 22) by presenting a live streaming show posted on all of the brand’s digital platforms and, for the very first time, on Twitch.

A rather peculiar fashion show, during which models paraded along the runway in rotation with performers: the performance was designed by artist Anne Imhof and was accompanied by music created by Eliza Douglas.

In the middle of English forests

It turned out to be, for the British fashion brand, a full immersion in nature to present a collection called In Bloom. Tisci designed it while thinking of “regeneration, dynamic youth and nature, which consistently regenerates, grows and keeps evolving”. He placed, in the middle, the symbol of water as an element not only “of innovation, freshness and purification” but also of “circularity”. While drawing inspiration from the sea world and fishermen’s life, Tisci has made use of several materials by mixing and overlapping them.

Among others, natural canvas, chiffon, denim and rubbered industrial fabrics. Not to mention leather, for outerwear, accessories and shoes.

Classic and streetwear

Riccardo Tisci said he was inspired by an imaginary love story between a mermaid and a shark. Taking inspiration from that meeting between different worlds, he created a collection full of multiple trends and influences. British classic style, so much loved by Burberry, met up with modern streetwear. The brand’s iconic trench coats have turned sleeveless, and jackets have turned into hybrid outerwear in a mix of leather, fabric and denim.

Bold cut-out, juxtapositions and allegorical prints. Likewise, shoes are inspired by fishermen as well. Extremely high thigh leather boots, which one can lift through a few handy holes, stand out. Accessories are made from leather and canvas: for example, a new variation of iconic bag Burberry Olympia.

From London to Milan

The London Fashion Week presentations are going on today as Vivienne Westwood and Church’s will take centre stage. Then fashion shows will continue to spotlight (most of all) emerging brands.  Top brands will walk the catwalk during the Milan Fashion Week (on the agenda on 22-28 September 2020). Talking about it, Versace has announced that its fashion show will be held behind closed doors. “Versace has traditionally considered our community’s safety, health and welfare as a top priority. Hence, in order to safeguard overall security, we have decided to present our Spring/Summer 2021 collection on our official channels”. Such is the public statement released by the fashion house: save the date, 25 September 2020, and get access to the live streaming show on Versace.com and its social accounts.

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