UNIC Meeting 2019, tanners: “We must reach the final consumer”

A Milano si è svolta l'Assemblea Annuale Unic - Concerie Italiane

“We are all united on the same problem: communicating leather”. This is the key on which UNIC – Italian Tanneries intends to invest. President Gianni Russo announced this at Bocconi University in Milan this morning, and the vice presidents, involved in a debate led by journalist Maria Concetta Mattei, reiterated this. “Our mistake is often to think that the world ends with our customers – commented Piero Rosati (Conceria Incas) – when actually our communication should reach the final consumer. This is the mother of all battles: to understand the circularity of the leather product”. “There are no islands of leather, just plastic ones – says Graziano Balducci (Conceria Antiba) -. Maybe we are not able of telling the truth. Our truth about leather starts from prehistory”.

Responding to difficulties

Italian tanning needs optimism and concreteness. Especially in a time of generalised economic difficulties like the current one. “To say that we are in a crisis is useless – added Rino Mastrotto (Rino Mastrotto Group) -. We must not be afraid of the fact that the market can replace leather. Now we have to tighten production and improve it to have new opportunities for consolidation and to return to growth”.

Leather vs synthetic

The market is changing, synthetic products are making their way also thanks to fashion trends that favour streetwear: “Luckily, we have customers who still believe in excellence, in craftsmanship, in products made in a sartorial manner” exhorts Alessandro Iliprandi (Conceria Bonaudo). Changes must be welcomed, as in the case of the prevailing trend of sneakers which, recalls Gianni Russo, “is not an enemy of leather. It also carries volumes to the tannery. We need to focus on talking about leather and its value”.

Photo La Conceria



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