The beauty of Italy’s tanning segment: the exhibit in a video

The beauty of Italy’s tanning segment: the exhibit in a video

An exhibit to clarify things. A project that is set up to be a narrative experiment. In other terms: offering a new way to gain experience from all that is within and outside of Italy’s tanning industry. It showcases its excellent quality, its history and, lastly, its beauty. Which is why the name of it is Beauty of the Italian Tanning Industry, promoted by UNIC – Italian Tanneries. The exhibit was presented during Lineapelle 100 (Fieramilano Rho, from September 20th to 22nd). We tell you more in this video.

The exhibit in a video

The project, explains UNIC, “tells the story of the excellence of Italy’s tanning and its green power, in light of 3 key word that represent its subtitle (heritagesciencedesign) and that are at the base of its circular model. This exhibitive concept retraces, with an educational and emotional approach. This path followed by leather from when it enters the tannery as hide and goes through the process. The product is transformed in a very high-value-added material”.

Yet, it goes beyond that, testifying to the future applications of the material via examples, some known some a bit less, of how its waste can be transformed and reused. “Leather and its byproducts – continues UNIC – are present, for example, in the gelatins used by the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry, as well as in agriculture as biostimulants and fertilizers. But also in musical instruments, console-based games and sporting materials”. Examples of “circular virtues of the material, leather, and industry, tanning, that live on innovation and responsibility”.



A beauty dedicated to young people

“We wanted to dedicate this exhibit – commented Fulvia Bacchi, general manager of UNIC -, because there is still little clarity around the tanning process and, most importantly, for what happens following the production process. Olso we dedicate it to young people and we need young students in fashion schools and young managers to take over the roles and enter the chain and we need this for our segment. They need to discover an excellency that has no equals in the world and that has a lot to tell, under all points of view: industrial, economical, historic, cultural and artistic”.

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